About Us

Equity Management is a process-serving and levying firm based in Missoula, Montana. It has steadily grown since 1998, and is now one of the most widely used firms for serving process in the state. But don’t think Equity Management is limited by the boundaries of the Big Sky State. We routinely handle process that is served outside of Montana through a network of trusted associates across the country.

We use the utmost care to detail, and our results lead to satisfied clients and lasting relationships. Equity Management has a staff of over 20 hard-working individuals, who are always happy to help by answering questions and providing updates until the job is done.

Equity Management’s registered process servers are enthusiastic and diligent when it comes to serving your papers. They have great success serving papers even to the most persistent avoiders. The difficult serves are typical when you choose Equity Management, so, if you need prompt and professional service, always come to Equity first.

Our process servers are equipped with a laptop and wireless remote access to the home office, as well as a printer to receive papers no matter where they are located. Equity Management has provided each of its servers with a GPS unit, as well as GPS mapping software to plot each stop so, no time is wasted getting your papers where they need to go.

Have a judgment for $200,000 or less? Equity Management is always eager to receive your writs of execution and levy pursuant to your instructions. Equity Management’s levying officers specialize in garnishing wages and levying against bank accounts. Equity Management has also executed against many different types of personal property. If you believe a judgment debtor has property that isn’t exempt from execution, give Equity a call.